About Us

About Alfred Baddoo Junior Foundation

Alfred Baddoo Junior’s Foundation (ABJF) City is a British and Ghanaian Non-profit Organization (NGO) that is focused on raising, training, mentoring and aim to give quality life to the orphaned, destitute/needy children and the neglected aged within our reach.

We Are A Non Profit Organization

Alfred Baddoo Junior’s Foundation (ABJF) City is a British and Ghanaian Non-profit Organization (NGO) that is registered with the Registrar General and the Social Welfare Departments of Ghana. It was founded with the mission to take care of the orphaned and provide humanitarian services to needy/abandoned children as well as the aged who are vulnerable in society.

This will be done by delivering value and care to orphans, needy/abandoned children and the aged by creating innovative opportunities. Plights of these people remain the central focus of our activities. We believe that accomplishment is when preparation meets prospects.  


We Care For the Needy And Vunerable

We focus on raising, training, mentoring and aim to give quality life to the orphaned, destitute/needy children and the neglected aged within our reach.

As a social development Organization with strong emphasis on the well-being of the orphaned, needy/abandoned children as well as the aged, we are committed to working in the interest of the vulnerable by providing them with support in the areas of basic care, education, good nutrition, shelter, healthcare, strengthening of their families, and advocating for their human rights.



We seek to bring hope, safety, acceptance and social justice, where both orphans, abandoned/needy children and the aged live in dignity and security. Every individual belongs to a family and must grow up with love, respect and security


We work around the Nations of the world to improve lives and achieve social justice. ABJF City is also committed to building families by helping them shape their own future and sharing in the progress of their immediate environment and communities.


• PURPOSE: We focus on taking action to better lives
• PLEDGE: We keep our promises and we deliver to the best of our ability
• BELIEF: We believe in building lives to solidly prepare our children to achieve self-reliance. we also believe in each other
• ACCOUNTABILITY: We are reliable in the execution of our mandates from start to finish.


As an organization, we put orphans, destitute/needy children and the aged at the center of our activities because we believe that we cannot overcome insufficiency until all people have equal rights and opportunities.


The idea behind the ABJF City is to give children a safe, caring and loving home to grow up in. a place where their basic needs would be met and a place where they feel safe.

Our organization is one of the top social development organizations that provides vulnerable children with quality education, good health and training. At ABJF City, our children are solidly prepared to achieve self-reliance, financial independence and social integration when they are old enough to make an impact in their communities and the country at large. The basis of life in ABJF City is peaceful co-existence- devoid of ethnic, cultural or religious affiliation.

There are established family houses in ABJF City where every child belongs. In every family house at ABJF City, children are encouraged to absorb the family values of harmony, acceptance, teamwork, peace and love in the various facets of life.


Our Inspiration

Mr Albert John Courtney was a great motivator who imparted courage,determination and enthusiasm in me by advising me to take a step of turning a dream for love of children support into reality in my locality in Tema (Ghana).
As a mother he knew I had the heart for children upbringing including their wellbeing, education etc. As I once visited an orphanage in Ghana to donate items which I do whenever I visit Ghana, I was touched  by the children helplessness and innocence. 
On my return to UK, I had discussions with Albert John Courtney and he explained to me – vitality of setting up foundation and making a difference in ones own locality and not global. 
– Working in partnership with like minded organisations with same culture. 
AJC explained to me that as small as one goal can be it can impact a child’s life (wellbeing). So with the starting of abfoundation till date Albert John Courtney MBE family (Diana Courtney, etc)continue to support his dream till date. 
Our goal and dream is to continue providing for other orphanages beyond our locality in Tema. 
Albert John Courtney MBE own words:
“Anyone can make a difference in their own locality and that can impact the community they live in.”

Mrs. Vesta Jackson Konadu Baddoo (Founder)

Our Founders

Mrs. Vesta Jackson Konadu Baddoo


Mrs. Vesta Jackson Konadu Baddoo is the co-founder of ABJF City. She worked at the Community Services Department (London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham) and Quality Care (Acton Lane, London) respectively.  In the United Kingdom she was assigned to give care to the Aged.

In addition, she is an experienced entrepreneur in the business world with a heart of love towards the orphaned, destitute/needy children and the neglected aged in our society.

Mr. Alfred Andrew Baddoo Snr


Mr. Alfred Andrew Baddoo Snr. is a co-founder of ABJF City and has compassion for orphans, destitute/abandoned children as well as the neglected aged in society. On this premise, ABJF City was established.