Transforming Lives Together

Your support will make a profound impact, providing love, care, and essential resources to these vulnerable individuals, helping them thrive and find joy in every stage of life. Together, let’s create a brighter future for those who need it most.

Healthy Food

ABJF City gives out groceries and serve meals to orphanages and homes for the aged to augment their meals and ensure they eat healthy.


We support the education of needy children by paying for their tuition. We also present stationery regularly to schools and orphanages to aid the children in their studies.


We ensure that children and the elderly get access to healthcare services such as check-ups, treatments, medications, and preventive programs.

Recreational Activities

ABJF City organizes recreational programs and outings for children and the elderly to promote physical activity, mental stimulation, and social interaction.

Love & Care

ABJF City offers counseling services and support groups to provide emotional and social support for children and the elderly.

Financial Support

ABJF City gives financial supports to needy families with kids and elderly people as well as orphanages and aged homes.

Who We Are

Alfred Baddoo Junior Foundation

Alfred Baddoo Junior’s Foundation (ABJF) City is a British and Ghanaian Non-profit Organization (NGO) that is focused on raising, training, mentoring and aim to give quality life to the orphaned, destitute/needy children and the neglected aged within our reach.

We See It As Our Duty To Care For The Vunerable Aged

ABJ Foundation City provides shelter and care for vunerable and neglected elderly citizens of the society around the world. Through its widespread reach, ABJ Foundation City aims to uplift and provide a safe haven for elderly individuals, promoting their well-being and dignity worldwide.

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ABJ Foundation City provides a secure and nurturing environment for children, offering them a loving home where their fundamental needs are fulfilled and where they can experience a sense of safety and belonging. 
With a focus on creating a supportive atmosphere, ABJ Foundation City strives to foster the growth and development of children, ensuring they have a stable foundation for a bright future.

You Can Make A Huge Difference

Your contributions can make a big difference in a child’s life, helping them shape their future and giving them valuable opportunities.

Impacting The Lives of Needy Children

We can make a world of difference in the lives of underprivileged children. Our support and guidance can inspire them to reach their full potential. Let’s keep spreading positivity and creating a ripple effect of change.

Little Actions That Brings Joy

Xmas Donations by the ABJ Foundation and the Amoah Family

The ABJ Foundation and the Amoah Family of Tema, Ghana graciously contributed an array of essential items, including food, beverages, clothing, and more, during the month of December. Their generous donation aimed to bring joy and happiness to the children's holiday festivities.


Our Inspiration

Anyone can make a difference in their own locality and that can impact the community they live in.


Mr Albert John Courtney was a great motivator who imparted courage, determination and enthusiasm in me by advising me to take a step of turning a dream for love of children support into reality in my locality in Tema (Ghana).
Mrs. Vesta Jackson Konadu Baddoo (Founder)

Our Founders

Mrs. Vesta Jackson Konadu Baddoo


Mrs. Vesta Jackson Konadu Baddoo is the founder of ABJF City. She worked at the Community Services Department (London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham) and Quality Care (Acton Lane, London) respectively.  In the United Kingdom she was assigned to give care to the Aged.

In addition, she is an experienced entrepreneur in the business world with a heart of love towards the orphaned, destitute/needy children and the neglected aged in our society.

Mr. Alfred Andrew Baddoo Snr


Mr. Alfred Andrew Baddoo Snr. is a co-founder of ABJF City and has compassion for orphans, destitute/abandoned children as well as the neglected aged in society. On this premise, ABJF City was established.