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Impact a child's life with your donations
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Giving orphaned children a home and future
smiling children abjf city
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Supporting and imparting lives of the aged
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Who we are?

Alfred Baddoo Junior’s Foundation (ABJF) City is a British and Ghanaian Non-profit Organization (NGO) which was founded to take care of orphaned children and provide humanitarian services to needy/abandoned children as well as the aged who are vulnerable in society.

We focus on raising, training, mentoring and aim to give quality life to the orphaned, destitute/needy children and the neglected aged within our reach.

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ABJF City gives children a safe, caring and loving home to grow up in. a place where their basic needs would be met and a place where they feel safe.


ABJF City provides shelter and cares for vulnerable and neglected elderly citizens of the society around the world.

Be a volunteer

Support us to secure a child's future today

We believe that as an Non-governmental organization (NGO) we would not be able to accomplish our vision of social and economic development in societies without some form of alliance or partnership with communities and other key relevant stakeholders like you.

The existence of NGO-Corporate partnerships is a binding relationship that presents itself as an opportunity to merge resources, expertise and skills in addressing the numerous challenges being faced by the youth as well as vulnerable children and their families to a large extent.

We help orphans get the life they want.

We deliver support on the basis of need, irrespective of Race, Faith, Ethnicity or Nationality, addressing the rights of vulnerable groups, particularly orphans, destitute/needy children as well as the neglected aged in society.

What guides us

Building Hope

Building a National and an International City for the orphaned, destitute/needy children and the aged.

Providing Education

Build and provide quality education, educational and recreational facilities

Addressing Discrimination

We believe in peaceful co-existence devoid of ethnic, cultural or religious affiliation.

Accountability and Responsibility

Ensure accountability and promote responsibility

Productive Partnerships

Work in partnership with other humanitarian agencies and donors in our quest to bring about social development

Seeking Sustainable Results

We seek to overcome insufficiency until all people have equal rights and opportunities.

Help give a child a safe, caring and loving home

There are many orphans, destitute/needy children and the aged around the world who do not have  access to a good shelter, security, care, love and a secure and bright future. You can help change their fate today.

Giving orphaned children love and security

Our organization is one of the top social development organizations that provides vulnerable children with quality education, good health and training. At ABJF City, our children are solidly prepared to achieve self-reliance, financial independence and social integration when they are old enough to make an impact in their communities and the country at large. The basis of life in ABJF City is peaceful co-existence- devoid of ethnic, cultural or religious affiliation.

Mr. Albert John Courtney

Our Inspiration

The birth of ABJF was inspired by Mr. Albert John Courtney of blessed memory and the Courtney family. Mr. Albert John Courtney was a member of The Most Order of the British Empire (MBE) who took me as his daughter and instilled in me a “can do attitude”, having served him for many years. He was a very influential and hardworking gentleman who believes in the welfare of every human. This dream was also supported by Diana Courtney, a retired lawyer who always reassures me that it is still possible to impact the world in your own small way. We dedicate this vision and dream to the almighty God and the Courtney family.

Shaping the future and sharing in the progress of fellow humans is Divine. To make the world a better place to dwell in, we all need to come together to affect and improve lives. This is what we stand for in ALFRED BADDOO JUNIOR FOUNDATION CITY

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Until we strive to lend helping hands to support and impart lives, many people will remain disadvantaged. The proof of love is to care for the orphans, needy and the neglected aged. This is what we stand for in ALFRED BADDOO JUNIOR FOUNDATION CITY

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